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Office communication devices, business forms„The style is the man himself"- sais Buffon’s popular quote. As a matter of fact the famous mathematician and naturalist referred to graphology: show me your handwriting and I’ll tell your personality. This aphorism precisely suits the requirements related to office communication prints and business forms. Not only the content, but the style will also represent the company’s image. The orderly, clear-cut and eye-appealing prints – stationeries, invoice papers, envelopes – will give a positive impression about the company. Office prints are internal and external communication devices. Our duty is to supply problem-free, funcional and perspicuous products to our clients.
The graphic studio is an important division of the printing house, where skilled and imaginative designers create the designs and help to find the appropriate material.
Generation of QR and barcodes either singly or from databases – e.g. addressing, numbers, balances, codes, texts -, and the integration of these into the artwork, is an important part of the work at our DTP department. Sufficient bandwidth enables the fast and safe data transfer.
We always strive to provide useful proposals, and to deliver unquestionable quality prints, regardless whether the design was created internally or was provided by the client;

  • envelopes
  • stationaries
  • business cards
  • folders
  • duplicating forms

Post-press processes:

  • printing of serial numbers
  • personalization
  • printing of variable datas
  • folding
  • perforating
  • gluing
  • envelope stuffing
  • co-packing

Short delivery time is an essential characteristics of stationaries and business forms – in certain cases orders must be fulfilled within 24 hours.
A sample (proof or online forwarded pdf) is always available for our customers, even if the design was created externally. Printing and post-press processes are fully automated.

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The exceptionally well trained staff, comprehensive production experiences, client customized quality assurance system, full commitment to our clients, flexibility and state-of-the-art equipments guarantee that the products produced by us always reflect premium quality, and are supplied on time.
Our leading-edge machines are relatively new (Heidelberg, Herzog & Heymann, Kern, Kohmann, Xerox). The advanced and in-house technology, supreme production planning and quality assurance system contribute a remarkable competitive edge to our customers.