Quality assurance

We chose the adage of the famous Hungarian poet Ferenc Kazinczy as our business principle motto:
 „Good and well. That is the great secret about it.”

Quality policy

Considering the commitment to quality, KOMPRESS defines the annual quality goals. The management’s intention is to permanently improve the service level, to achieve, retain and if possible increase customer satisfaction. The management regularly evaluates the achievements.

Quality management system

The focus of KOMPRESS’ quality management system, certified in accordance with the ISO9001 standard, is to keep the product quality on customer’s acceptance level, and to permanently improve it.
Product compliance – as the quality system’s main objective – is verified by an independent quality controler. Each operator controls the quality of the previous production step.
The handling of reported or internally discovered nonconformities is documented and perfomed in organized circumstances, also these are the key sources of the corrective actions. The management put emphasis on preventive actions if a quality risk occurs.
At KOMPRESS the whole staff pays extreme attention to follow the „clean” producton line, nonconforming goods and material handling regualtions.

ISO certificate
Environmental protection