Packaging development

Full printing know-how

Packaging developmentBy possessing the overall production technology knowledge, the comrehensive printing know-how we can optimize the packaging costs right in the beginning of the development.
Our proposals and designs always consider the volume and weight of the product, the market practices, as well as the environmental and food safety regulations.
Selection of the most suitalbe material and finishing technique, is a primal part of the formal designing and development work.
This work is supported by:

  • CAD softwares
  • mock-up cutting plotter
  • digital printer for color proofs

To achieve the objective on the shortest possible route and at the shortest possible time, we take our customers into the development process permanently. As a matter of fact this means, within 7 days from starting the project, a mock-up and a complete production plan is available for our clients.

The milestones of the packaging designing and development:

  • objectives, expectations, recognition of the product’s market position
  • recognition of the shipping methods and distribution channels
  • reviewing production technologies
  • selection of material
  • selection of finishing techique(s)
  • reviewing and considering environmental regulations
  • reviewing and considering food safety and pharmaceutical regulations
  • formal designing
  • presentation of mock-up and related costs
  • repetition of the above actions based on the customer’s reflections
  • pressure tests
  • packaging line test at the customer’s site
  • perfection, transmission of the key-lines
  • application of the graphic design on the key-line
  • sample production
  • transport test
  • obtaining migration test issued by an accredited laboratory (foodstuff and pharmaceutic)
  • completing the necessary modifications, repetition of tests
  • finalizing the production documentation
  • preparation of tools (so called single stamp tool or mass production tool)
  • production of samples

Dedicated customer representatives help our clients in the course of the entire development process. Necessarily we are of course available for a consultation with more of our technicians, irrespective to the assigned location.

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Graphic designing and file data bank
Quality assurance
Environmental protection


The designing and proposal will consider the application of one or more of the following tehcniques. These finishing methods are superb applications to position the product on the shelf, for branding and are excellent solutions against counterfeit:

  • shiny varnishing
  • iriodin varnishing
  • matt varnishing
  • high-gloss varnishing
  • matt/gloss UV-spot varnishing
  • printing on alufoil laminated surface
  • hot-foil stamping
  • hot-foil stamping with holographic foil
  • embossing
  • „peel-off” varnishing

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The appropriate finishing process or a combination of more techniques, will give a positive impression about the product, which will accordingly increase the sales.