Logistics and customer service

We know it well that our tasks have not ended with the production of first class quality products.


Our quotations and proposals always refer to the delivery method and the location. The fundamentals of our forwarding and internal material handling operations, is the agreement with the customer on the location. Currently we apply the INCOTERMS® 2010 regulations. Goods are delivered predominantly with our trucks (3,500 kg).

Product protection, marking

Products are packed accordingly to the delivery method and placed on palettes. The shipping box and palette labels mutually indicate the relevant information as readable text and as barcode (CODE 128). Necessarily the indication labels may be upgraded to the customer’s needs, even with the change of the code type. An advantage of the barcode application is the product information (description, article number, quantity, PO number, date, supplier…etc.) may be easily uploaded to the inventory management systems.


The strong financial background and our financial service providers support us to propose customized financing. We would like to take note of the significant payment terms we offer when our products and services supplied on regular basis.

Just-in-time deliveries

The perfect fulfillment of just-in-time agreements is supported by the productive and easily adjustable machines, as well as by the excellent organization and real-time business operation system. We set up a semi-finished or finished product inventory together with the necessary reserves, to supply our goods on just-in-time basis. We provide real-time, online tracking of open orders and inventory to dedicated customers.

EOQ-ROP (economic order quantity – reorder point) service

The objective of our service is to adjust our production to the customer’s current output, with the shortest possible delivery time, with the utmost supplier reliatbility and of course cost-effectively. We create an inventory in an agreed quantity of the item (EOQ) and supply the products according to the delivery orders. When the inventory drops to the agreed benchmark (ROP) we either inform the customer, or set the EOQ quantity back without any notification We provide real-time, online tracking of open orders and inventory to dedicated customers.

Quality assurance
Environmental protection