Graphic designing and file data bank

Visual communication

Graphic designing and file data bankPrinted materials are important tools of visual communication. The look, style, perspiucity and configuration determins whether the message will reach, and in what proportion will it reach the target group. Obviously good quality and topicalness are indispensable criterias of the success.
On-demand we also prepare the graphic design of the print. By means of production skills, knowledge of materials and the possession of the overall printing know-how, we achieve the objective fast. Our well trained colleagues, creative graphic designers, experienced photographers, client customized quality assurance system, guarantee that the message will reach a high percent of the possible customers and will give a positive impression.

Designing is supported by:

  • graphic designing softwares
  • legal stockphoto and graphics databases
  • photo illustration and text processor softwares
  • sample and proof printers

To achieve the objective on the shortest possible route and at the shortest possible time, we take our customers into the development process permanently. Sufficient bandwidth enables the fast and safe data transfer.
QR and barcode reading smartphones and code readers help printed materials to access databases and other online media. We are an experienced supplier to make this available. We also do the designing and programming tasks, necessary for variable data printing and personalisation: QR code, EAN code, numeric and/or abecedarian codes, serial numbers, dates, addresses, databases.
As a matter of fact this means, within 2 days from starting the project a complete design and production plan is available for our clients.

The milestones of the graphic design:

  • objectives, expectations, recognition of publicity guidelines
  • recognition of the specific project
  • designation of the target group
  • reviewing production technologies
  • determination of extent and format
  • selection of material(s)
  • determination of style and trend
  • summary of visual elements
  • selection of finishing technique(s)
  • timing
  • completition of graphic design
  • photo shooting
  • designing of logos, pictogrammes
  • composing of Braille text (pharma boxes)
  • generating of phamra codes (pharma boxes and patient information leaflets)
  • editing and programming of online access tools
  • reviewing and considering legal regulations
  • drafting of text and photos
  • internal proof-reading
  • sample and proof printing, reviewing of related costs
  • completing the necessary modifications, repetition of tests
  • finalizing and saving the graphic design, transmitting it to the customer
  • sample making
  • finalizing the production documentation

Dedicated customer representatives help our clients in the course of the entire designing process. Necessarily we are of course available for a consultation with more of our technicians, irrespective to the assigned location.
Graphic designing is not a singular service we provide to our customers. We also process and rework the designs received from external sources.

Packaging development
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Quality assurance
Environmental protection


The designing and proposal will consider the application of one or more of the following tehcniques. These finishing methods are superb applications to position the product on the shelf, for branding and are excellent solutions against counterfeit:

  • shiny varnishing
  • iriodin varnishing
  • matt varnishing
  • high-gloss varnishing
  • matt/gloss UV-spot varnishing
  • printing on alufoil laminated surface
  • hot-foil stamping
  • hot-foil stamping with holographic foil
  • embossing
  • „peel-off” varnishing

Surface finishings gallery

The appropriate finishing process or a combination of more techniques, will give a positive impression about the product, which will accordingly increase the sales.

File data bank

Artworks are archieved for at least 5 years. These graphic files are transferred on request either saved on any kind of data media or via the online file transfer system. This may come useful when the redesigning of the artworks and photos becomes necessary, or when the designing of a completely new packaging or other printed material, advertisements starts. The work is supported by our significant server capacity and also by the fast and safe data transmission system.

Printing industry measurements (most frequent sizes)

Paper sizes are standardized. The equation used for the standardization is: x|y = 1|2. According to the standard the rectangular sheets folded into halves parallel to the shorter side, result a sheet of which dimensions are proportional to the original, unhalved size. There are various dimension standards, which are distinguished by characters (e.g. A, B, C, NA, BB…etc.).
The below indicated spreadsheets describe the two most frequently used sizes (in North America other measurements are in use), also the envelope and bag size standards.

"A" size standard
Description of size Size(mm) Surface(m²)
A/0 841 x 1189 1,0000
A/1 594 x 841 0,5000
A/2 420 x 594 0,2500
A/3 297 x 420 0,1250
A/4 210 x 297 0,0625
A/5 148 x 210 0,0312
A/6 105 x 148 0,0156
"B" size standard
Description of size Size(mm) Surfacem²)
BB/0 1000 x 1400 1,4000
BB/1 700 x 1000 0,7000
BB/2 500 x 700 0,3500
BB/3 350 x 5000,1750 0,1750
BB/4 250 x 350 0,0875
BB/5 175 x 250 0,0437
BB/6 125 x 175 0,0219
Envelope sizes
Description of size Size
* bags are closed by their shorter side, whereas envelopes are closed by their longer side
LC/6 114 x 162
LA/4 110 x 220
C6/C5 114 x 229
LC/5 162 x 229
LC/4 229 x 324
TC/4 *bag 229 x 324
TB/4 *bag 250 x 353