Kompress Nyomdaipari Kft. - Winner of the HUNGAROPACK Hungarian Packaging Competition

The Hungarian Packaging Competition of HUNGAROPACK, recognized as a national event by the World Packaging Association (WPO), was announced for the 37th time in 2020.

It should be known about this event that, in addition to selflessly helping
the development of the Hungarian packaging industry, its aim is to express professional recognition and appreciation to those involved in the development.

This year, HUNGAROPACK provided the nominees with the opportunity to enter products belonging to the category of consumer and collective packaging and transport packaging.

KOMPRESS started the competition this year with its outstandingly unique Soft White Indoor Floodlight Lamp, to be classified in the consumer category.

The main feature of this product that the formerly manually packed foldingbox
has become suitable for machine packaging by a joint development of the customer and KOMPRESS designers with an excellent auto-bottom solution. Due to its design the manual work process is replaced by a machine during the manufacturing process. A packaging machine inserts the lamp into the box which is clearly visible from any viewpont.

In addition to the need defined by the customer the proper design of the box also gives another an advantage, because in the store potential customers can easily make a decision on whether they have chosen the right product even without unpacking or possibly destroying the packaging.

Environmental awareness and reducing material consumption were also an advantage in the design of ther product, as recycled GD2 board was selected without inserting a plastic window.

KOMPRESS may be proud because in addition to providing assistance to its customer and shoppers related to packaging with improved functions, with the decision of the HUNGAROPACK Hungarian Packaging Competition Judging Committee, a special prize for consumer packaging had also awarded.

Our goal is a continuous and conscious development in several aspects!